Improvement & Transformation ProjectsImprovement & Transformation Projects

Improvement & Transformation Projects

Transform your organization through targeted lean improvement initiatives

Breakthrough transformation requires multidisciplinary teams working together, following a structured framework that delivers performance results. In short, delivery sprints and improvement projects enable change within organizations.

With several projects running simultaneously, managers will benefit from routines that bring together all project leaders to discuss the improvement results and plan countermeasures when targets are not met.

Our Lean Solutions

  • Manage the most critical improvement projects using a standard approach and visual management.
  • Check and act with KPIs, and problem-solving applied to project management.

  • Work with a predefined agenda and duration, bringing together representatives from all relevant areas, working in Gemba to find and execute improvements during the event.
  • Guarantee a structured problem-solving approach – A3 thinking – with quick implementation and follow-up of financial benefits.
  • Confirm benefits and transition to daily management to guarantee that the improvements obtained are sustained.

  • Carry out a retrospective analysis at the end of each 3- to 6-month sprint to identify lessons learned.
  • Review value trees to identify where the goals were achieved across each KPI level.
  • Plan the next sprint of improvement events.

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