Organizational Culture TransformationOrganizational Culture Transformation

Organizational Culture Transformation

Harness the power of people and lean principles for lasting cultural changes

Many executives worldwide dream of implementing an effective and sustainable model for their companies to improve results year after year across all areas and engage everybody. However, it is well known that only some cultural change programs fully succeed. Most of them show excellent experimental results but fail in the deployment stage, never delivering the promised business impact.

Our approach to closing this gap rests on the conviction that people are the change engine. Thus, integrating lean tools with social change management skills is demanded. Developing a comprehensive, successful excellency program begins by gradually improving daily processes to continuously reinforce people’s behaviors, bringing a sustained cultural transformation.

Why do 70% of transformations fail?

Limited resources or budget

Lack of top management commitment

Employees resistance to change

For a world-class culture transformation deployment, two imperatives must be stated upfront on the road to excellence.


Making sure top management is fully onboard with an agreed-upon vision and clear roles & responsibilities


Making sure the cultural change relies on a model focused on sharing, informing, and engaging all change actors

How will we manage the transformation efforts and change the company culture?

Our approach relies on a solid phase-gate framework to manage the complete social-technical transformation. Either by upgrading an existing program or by shaping one from scratch, we will work with your teams to plan and execute the tailored roadmap transformation, making sure Lean is quickly, professionally, and broadly implemented with double-digit business impact.

  • Set up the transformation phase-gate model: program main stages and quality gates.
  • Develop a lean reference guide (Handbook / Playbook).
  • Define governance roles, responsibilities, profiles, and resources.
  • Set governance standards: Obeya, meetings’ structure, countermeasures, audit system.

  • Design the process to develop skilled lean coaches.
  • Deliver pilot demonstration workshops with expert guidance.
  • Create a transformation deployment guide for trainers.
  • Coach and audit trainers to ensure skills leveling.

  • Install a sharing system to transfer lean knowledge and best practices company-wide.
  • Follow the Yokoten step-by-step approach: Define – Collect – Document – Approve – Communicate – Deploy – Audit & Report.

  • Implement a structured training system with an adapted course structure and content for the audience.
  • Set up and maintain a knowledge storage platform.
  • Develop an evaluation and certification process.

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