El viaje de Thomas Morris en Mejora Continua


Thomas Morris’ Continuous Improvement Journey


“Things can’t happen overnight. They’re not stable. They’re not built on strong foundations. It’s more about the learning, the culture, and the development first before you get the results.”

Thomas Morris’s on achieving results with Continuous Improvement

Thomas Morris’s career path in the automotive industry is profound evidence of Kaizen and continuous improvement’s (CI) transformative power. Starting as an operator at a Toyota supplier, Morris has ascended to the influential role of Divisional Group Kaizen Manager at Multimatic, where he is pivotal in cultivating a global CI culture.

Thomas Morris Multimatic CI Community Podcast

Morris’s journey began on the shop floor, where he gained a firsthand view of the complexities found in the automotive manufacturing sector. This ignited his career, leading him from hands-on technical tasks to leadership positions. ” I started off my career as just an operator,” Thomas explains in the LEADERS in CI Community Podcast, “and here is where I was learning how the manufacturing and automotive world worked. ” This experience was key as he transitioned into roles that demanded operational and strategic insight.

A pivotal moment in Morris’ career was his mentorship under a Japanese Operations Management Development (OMD) expert trained in Toyota Production System (TPS). This mentorship greatly influenced his professional path, exposing him to the 13 modules of TPS, which include principles like Jidoka (automation with a human touch) and rigorous standard work practices. This intense learning period not only familiarized him with CI tools but deeply ingrained the philosophy behind them, laying a robust groundwork for his future endeavors.

As Divisional Group Kaizen Manager at Multimatic, Morris’ role involves harmonizing Kaizen practices across diverse cultural and operational landscapes. His work requires him to adapt and tailor CI strategies to fit various business contexts from China to Canada and the UK. Morris’ strategic implementation of Kaizen methodologies underlines these principles’ adaptability and universal relevance. He works closely with local teams to ensure that the methods are implemented, culturally aligned, and embraced at all levels of the organization.

One of the topics also approached in this episode was the shift toward vehicle electrification, which represents a significant evolution, introducing fresh challenges and opportunities. Morris navigates these changes by leveraging lean practices to enhance agility and responsiveness within Multimatic’s operations. He emphasizes the contrast between Western and Japanese business cultures – where the former often prioritizes immediate results, and the latter values long-term process discipline. His strategy involves bridging these approaches to foster a balanced perspective that promotes sustainable growth and innovation.

Morris’ enthusiasm for CI goes beyond simply applying tools and techniques. He is a staunch advocate for instilling a deep-seated belief in the Kaizen process across all company levels. This educational and cultural integration is critical as Multimatic faces the future of the automotive industry, marked by rapid technological advancements and shifting market demands.

By using the same tools and techniques across all levels – from top management to team leaders, shop floor, and frontline staff – we ensure consistent results are achieved at every level. The culture within the business becomes stronger“, Thomas concludes.

Thomas Morris’ journey from an operator to a global CI leader showcases Kaizen’s transformative power. His story is a compelling narrative of how strategic focus, cultural adaptability, and continuous learning can lead to significant personal and organizational developments. Morris’ experiences can inspire those in the automotive industry and beyond, showing the enduring value of a constant commitment to improvement and excellence to achieve operational success.

Tune into the “Leaders in CI” podcast to dive deeper into Thomas Morris’ visionary approach to operational excellence and discover how to implement these strategies within your organization for sustainable growth and success.

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