KAIZEN™ Training

These programs are based on the experience accumulated by Kaizen Institute over more than 30 years in developing Continuous Improvement skills.

KAIZEN™ Academy

KAIZEN™ Academy is a training program oriented to organizations’ different levels and functional areas. It aims to develop skills in the area of continuous improvement, transmitting theoretical and practical knowledge through exercises, simulation games, and sharing success stories.

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KAIZEN™ Academy Framework

KAIZEN™ Academy is divided into 2 categories – “KAIZEN™ Culture” and “KAIZEN™ Solutions”. Mastering these approaches will enable a gradual and effective implementation with guaranteed results.

KAIZEN™ Culture

Introduction to the KAIZEN™ skills to implement a continuous improvement culture

KAIZEN™ Solutions

Exploration of breakthrough solutions for all business areas with practical simulations

Office Live Experience

KAIZEN™ training can be tailored to the specific needs, defined objectives and business goals of our clients. Contact us so that your employees can receive tailor-made and completely personalized training.

What our clients have to say

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Leadership Seminar

To develop lean leadership skills for guiding management teams in their way to achieve a positive business impact and encourage the cultural change

Transformation Program

To shape an organization’s excellence system, for spreading out the continuous improvement culture companywide

Value Stream Analysis

To master a profound diagnosis of end-to-end key processes for prioritizing improvement opportunities and designing a lean vision for the future


To empower multidisciplinary teams to lead improvement initiatives in short delivery sprints for transforming any organizational process

Agile Organization

To spread the KAIZEN™ behaviors across all organizational levels for conducting teams progressively into more complex routines and tools

Strategy Planning

To master the strategy planning, deployment, and execution process for innovating and growing profitable businesses year over year