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KAIZEN™ Training & Certification

These programs are based on the experience accumulated by Kaizen Institute over more than 30 years in developing Continuous Improvement skills.

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Our training programs are oriented to organizations’ different levels and functional areas. They aim to develop skills in the area of continuous improvement, transmitting theoretical and practical knowledge through exercises, simulation games, and sharing success stories.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Online, 02.Sep-03.Oct

The ‘Green Belt’ training and certification are ideal for individuals aspiring to lead Lean Six Sigma projects. This program enhances knowledge in statistical analysis and advanced techniques, empowering Green Belts to spearhead process improvement p…

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Online, 07-10.Oct

The “White Belt” training and certification provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts and terminology associated with Lean Six Sigma. This qualification is suitable for individuals who may not be leading projects in this area …

Change Management & Business Transformation

Online, 07-17.Oct

The “Change Management & Business Transformation” course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to organize the company for continuous improvement using an effective change management model.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Online, 21.Oct-10.Nov

The training and certification for “Yellow Belt” provide a thorough understanding of the essential principles of Lean Six Sigma. Designed for professionals who want to contribute to projects actively, the Yellow Belt empowers participants to apply ba…

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Calgary, 21-25.Oct

The training and certification for “Black Belt” are designed for Lean Six Sigma experts capable of leading complex improvement projects. With advanced knowledge in statistics and Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Black Belts play a central role in identi…

Lean Management of the Maintenance Area

Online, 05-20.Nov

The “Lean Management of the Maintenance Area” course provides a deep understanding of waste in maintenance activities, aiming to improve these tasks to boost team productivity and equipment efficiency….

Lean Manufacturing

Online, 02-19.Dec

The “Lean Manufacturing” training empowers professionals and companies to optimize production and internal logistics through the Just-In-Time model, efficiently integrating Logistics, Planning, and Production….

KAIZEN™ Academy Framework

KAIZEN™ Academy is divided into 2 categories – “KAIZEN™ Culture” and “KAIZEN™ Solutions”. Mastering these approaches will enable a gradual and effective implementation with guaranteed results.

KAIZEN™ Culture

KAIZEN™ Culture

Introduction to the KAIZEN™ skills to implement a continuous improvement culture

KAIZEN™ Solutions

KAIZEN™ Solutions

Exploration of breakthrough solutions for all business areas with practical simulations

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Office Live Experience

Office Live Experience

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Strategy & Cultural Change Training

Strategy & Cultural Change Training

To instigate profound shifts in organizational strategy and culture

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Training

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Training

Spark transformative shifts in organizational strategy and culture within supply chain management

Project Management & Product Development Training

Project Management & Product Development Training

Enhancing innovation with project management & product development training

Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 Certifications & Courses

Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 Certifications & Courses

Accelerating organizational evolution in the digital transformation and industry 4.0 era