Combining Lean and Software for Exceptional Strategy Planning and Deployment

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Most companies still face the tragedy of a strategy delivering poor results with common obstructions, including ineffective processes, formulation, and execution. Leaders must carefully overcome these roadblocks to succeed and find the vital few initiatives to transform their businesses.

From the boardroom to the shop floor, the Lean method, coupled with effective strategy software, can help businesses improve every facet of their strategy, tailoring an approach that scales from targeted enhancements to a complete reinvention of capabilities. It guides organisations by building their path for business sustainable growth via a premium strategy planning and execution framework, striving to achieve stretch goals.

In this webinar, learn from lean strategy experts at Kaizen Institute and strategy software masters at SiA how combining Hoshin Kanri and robust strategy applications can revolutionise your strategy and pave the path to two-digit growth.

Ben Davis

Head of Strategic Partnerships, SiA

A Strategy Consultant by trade, Ben has delivered strategy work for clients across a wide range of industries and is also a Visiting Lecturer in Growth & Innovation Strategy at the London campus of ESCP Business School. He plays a vital role in cultivating relationships and building meaningful connections with Strategy in Action partners and clients alike, contributing to the overall growth and direction of SiA globally.

Rui Tenreiro

Senior Partner, Kaizen Institute

Since 2015, he has undertaken the position of Senior Partner at Kaizen Institute Western Europe. Strong experience in the field of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement using Kaizen and Lean 6 Sigma methodologies. With international experience in several sectors, he has been mainly focused on the coordination and development of new areas as well as managing large global projects.

VP Global Customers, Gunnebo

With over 10 years of experience in senior leadership roles at Gunnebo, Andrew has a proven track record of transforming and growing the business across different markets and regions.
Andrew creates customer value by introducing new and innovative products and solutions, working collaboratively across the business, and leveraging Gunnebo’s talented teams worldwide. He also leads Gunnebo Europe Safe Storage, developing new customer verticals, establishing strategic partnerships, and inspiring strategic change.

Lead Lean Sensei, Baker Hughes

James possesses 25+ years of experience in leadership development and business transformation through cultural change, developing high-performing teams and organisations. He has worked with senior leadership teams from diverse industries such as financial services, consumer electronics, telecoms, retail, healthcare and energy industries, helping them set and implement their strategy ambitions.