Lean Six Sigma Training

To develop the basic and professional lean skills needed to begin and grow a Continuous Improvement culture

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Program is an introductory program designed to familiarize those with limited or no exposure to lean methodologies or practices that reduce waste, identify savings opportunities, and engage others in new and better ways of doing work.

It exposes the student to a Lean Operating philosophy and provides them with the means to support it on a day-to-day basis. Students learn how introductory Lean tools foster a waste-free, customer-centric work environment.

25 hours

Online/ At client’s site

995 USD

After successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and be confident in the fundamentals of Lean theory
  • Identify process improvement opportunities for escalation and resolution
  • Participate in Lean initiatives within the workplace
  • Actively contribute to their organization’s success, resulting in lower costs, higher quality, and shorter lead-times
  • Acquire the knowledge to participate in the Intermediate Program in Lean methodologies.

Students will learn how to master Lean Tools such as:

  • Daily KAIZEN™
  • 5S (in both process and office activities)
  • Simple Problem Solving
  • PDCA
  • Business Process Mapping
  • How to surface problems

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training will be delivered in an Online setting and will culminate with an exam designed to demonstrate knowledge skills acquired by students.
It is delivered with a live instructor via Microsoft Teams and the Miro Whiteboard application.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt curriculum expands on the fundamental theories of the Lean methodology learned in our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and introduces new concepts and tools that will propel an organization further.

Students learn how more advanced tools and Lean methodologies can be used to foster a waste-free, customer-centric workplace. Upon completing this course, students will have the capability to lead and independently drive Lean improvement teams.

32 hours

Online/ At client’s site

1495 USD

After successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively plan, lead, and manage successful KAIZEN™ and Lean Events
  • Independently drive Continuous Improvement teams
  • Understand intermediate Lean Tools and Management Systems
  • Actively support a Lean Continuous Improvement culture
  • Understand that Lean is fundamentally a people development program first

Students will learn how to master Lean Tools such as:

  • A Review of Basic Lean Tools and Daily and Strat KAIZEN™
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Total Service Management
  • Total Flow Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Running Effective KAIZEN™ Events

To Participate in this course, students should fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Completed a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course
  • Completed Foundations training
  • Equivalent education and experience (this could be evaluated by Kaizen Institute prior to attending the class)

Lean Six Sigma Online Green Belt training will be delivered in a virtual setting using Microsoft Teams and the Miro Whiteboard application and culminate with an exam. In addition, each student must complete a post-class project. Proof of the student’s knowledge application must be submitted detailing the project in the form of a case study, using a standard format that will be discussed on the last day of class. Students will have three months to complete and submit the case study for review. Students not completing the Case Study will receive a certificate for the theory portion of the program only. While completing the case study, students are encouraged to correspond with the instructor as part of the Online Green Belt program.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training is the third and final course in the three-part progressive belt training program.

This program teaches advanced Lean concepts and tools and facilitates the development of students to become Continuous Improvement leaders and internal trainers in their organization.

Lean Black Belt graduates will be capable of coaching and mentoring Lean Green and Yellow Belts students.

64 hours

Online/ At client’s site

(price upon request)

Black Belt Certification is typically achieved by someone who is actively leading and managing their organization’s Continuous Improvement transformation as a lean practitioner. Lean Black Belt Certification is often a base requirement for those that wish to be internal site lean consultants.

After successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Foster a culture of Continuous improvement in any organization
  • Lead, guide, and direct projects that align with corporative initiatives
  • Effectively lead and manage company-wide Lean transformations
  • Understand advanced lean tools and Lean Management Systems
  • Actively contribute to their company’s net profit

To enter the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program, students must fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification or equivalent education and experience (to be evaluated by Kaizen Institute prior to class)
  • Have influence over the Lean journey in an organization
  • Play a lead role in Lean activities within an organization
  • A belief that all work is a process and all processes need to be improved

The Lean Black Belt training will be delivered in a classroom setting and culminate with a formal exam after each session. Additionally, students must demonstrate proficiency in the concepts taught and provide proof of a minimum of $100,000 in savings they have brought to their organization by utilizing the Lean methodology. Students have 1 year from the end of the course to provide proof of savings.

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Our Training Offer

Leadership Seminar

To develop lean leadership skills for guiding management teams in their way to achieve a positive business impact and encourage the cultural change

Lean Transformation Program

To shape an organization’s system of excellence to spread the culture of lean and continuous improvement throughout the company

Value Stream Analysis

To master a profound diagnosis of end-to-end key processes for prioritizing improvement opportunities and designing a lean vision for the future


To empower multidisciplinary teams to lead improvement initiatives in short delivery sprints for the transformation of any organizational process

Agile Organization

To spread lean behaviors across all organizational levels for the teams’ progressive guidance in the most complex routines and tools

Strategy Planning

To master the process of strategic planning and execution for innovation and profitable business growth year after year

Benchmark Tours

To gather first-hand, on-site benchmark insights with open sharing of best practices to understand how your organization can become best in class

Insight Tours in Japan

To immerse in Japanese culture to fully understand the purpose and application of KAIZEN™ in real life