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KAIZEN™ in Marketing & Sales B2C

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1 day seminar


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The KAIZEN™ in Marketing & Sales B2C programme introduces a single framework to increase sales performance through a pragmatic Digital Marketing strategy and a customer-oriented sales process, in order to conquer new clients and build loyalty in a business-to-consumer context, in both offline and online journeys.


  • Inexistent or insufficient sales growth
  • Lack of qualified leads to grow sales
  • Low conversion rate when selling to qualified leads
  • Outdated market knowledge
  • Low effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Poor digital presence
  • Significant time spent in non-selling activities
  • Innefective or neglected customer retention
  • Insufficient integration between Marketing and Sales


  • KAIZEN™ S-marketing B2C
  • Integrative Marketing
    • Marketing Knowledge and Segmentation
    • Content Development
    • Digital Marketing hub
  • Sales B2C
    • Customer Experience
    • Store Design
    • Service Standards
    • Workforce Management
    • Loyalty Programmes
  • Digitalisation and KAIZEN™ Analytics
  • Case Studies

#marketing and sales

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