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Kaikaku Benchmark Tour: Nigeria LNG Limited

Welcome to the Portugal Kaikaku Experience – Benchmarking the Best

We have hand-picked a select few companies according to their expertise and commitment to KAIZEN™ and Lean. We are certain that this will be a valuable experience in your career. We are here to ensure you have a comfortable and profitable learning experience. If we can do anything to make your trip more effective, do not hesitate to ask.

According to the agenda we plan to visit 6 companies in 5 days. There will be Q&A sessions and frequent group discussions. We will facilitate discussions after each visit and in the evening.

The transportation will pick you up at the hotel lobby on Monday morning at 9:15.

Companies you will visit



Founded in 1927, Riopele is one of the oldest textile manufacturers in Portugal and an international reference in the creation and production of fabrics for fashion and clothing collections.

Incorporating sustainable practices across the entire business, Riopele invests in the production of high-quality fabrics, based on natural, synthetic, artificial and recycled fibres, with tremendous expertise in polyester/viscose/elastane blends.

As a leading textile manufacturer of fashion fabrics, Riopele integrates the areas of R&D, Spinning, Dyeing, Twisting, Weaving and Finishing, offering a vertical production system that can meet the current demands of the fast-paced fashion industry.

Due to its expertise in fabric design and production, which now spans a remarkable 97 years of activity, Riopele also has a private label clothing manufacturing service, based on quality, reliability and exceptional customer service values.

Grupel SA

Grupel SA

With 47 years of experience in the conception, production, and distribution of generator sets, we bring energy to the entire world.

Grupel started its activity, in 1976, producing and selling a wide range of electrical generators (open or soundproofed), with powers from 3 to 3500kVA, equipped with the best quality components from internationally renowned brands, in addition to the components of our own brand, Grupel.


Sonae Arauco

With an industrial soul, Sonae Arauco is one of the largest wood-based solutions players in the world. The company’s commitment to sustainable development is borne out in its forest certification, the implementation of a circular bioeconomic model and the permanent integration of recycled wood into the industrial process.

Since its inception, Sonae Arauco has focused on developing sustainable wood solutions with high-added value for furniture, interior design and construction, from the most standard to the most demanding from a technical point of view. From Innovus® decorative products to Core & Technical® products and AGEPAN® SYSTEM solutions, Sonae Arauco holds a versatile portfolio, with a wide range of applications.



Formed in 1965, Celbi S.A., based in Leirosa, 15km south of Figueira da Foz, is primarily engaged in the production and trade of short fibre paper pulp of high quality, from eucalyptus, and in the production of electricity (cogeneration).

Belonging to Altri Group since August 2006, Celbi is one of the most efficient global producers of eucalyptus pulp, having an installed production capacity superior to 700 thousand tons. With 50 years of existence, Celbi is recognized worldwide for the high quality of its product together with an excellent customer service, which makes the company a reference producer in the European scene.

Generis Pharmaceuticals SA

Generis Pharmaceuticals SA

Generis Mission is to develop, produce and to market generic medicines of highest quality, at an accessible price.​

Number 1 in the Portuguese generic pharmaceutical market has the largest portfolio of generic products, consisting of 271 products.

With an annual production capacity of 30 million packages, equivalent to 1,170 million units (tablets, sachets or capsules).​

8,125 square meters of floor space, divided between production, analysis area, offices and storage area.

Farmácia Silveira Birre

Silveira Pharmacy, founded in 1911, has grown significantly over the past century.

With 13 pharmacies, over 250 employees, including 80 pharmacists, and more than 150,000 annual patient interactions, it has become a trusted and essential healthcare provider in the community.

The introduction of “Farmadrive” further enhances convenience for customers, reflecting Silveira Pharmacy’s commitment to evolving with their needs.

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