To develop a Lean Resilient Supply Chain seven key capabilities must be mastered by Chief Supply Chain Officers.

The 5th capability is the Capability of Reinforcing the KAIZEN™ Culture.

The introduction or reinforcement of a KAIZEN™ Culture is both a Top-down and Bottom-up approach.

Top-down means all successful Lean Transformations have been led by an Available and Engaged Management Team. All successful Management Teams participated in KAIZEN™ Team, Events & Projects.

Bottom-up means Daily KAIZEN™ must to be implemented in all Natural Teams. We do it by engaging Team Leaders and Team Members in a Daily KAIZEN™ Process.

All teams should have a visual board with performance management. And they should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Are we winning or losing in 3 seconds? And look at the KPIs, the reds and the greens.
  • How does the metric behave over time?
  • What is the trend?
  • What action are we going to take immediately? As an immediate countermeasure.
  • What are the main causes over time?
  • Systemic causes. How can we eliminate a systemic problem with effective countermeasures to improve?

This needs to be done at all hierarchical levels in all Natural Teams in All Business Functions. Only then the KAIZEN™ Culture will have a strong Foundation.

Some other KAIZEN™ Culture skills: Learn how to do Focused KAIZEN™ Events. Implement a Strategy Deployment process. Educate and Train with a KAIZEN™ Lean Academy. 

The file 7 KEY CAPABILITIES for a Supply Chain Lean Transformation outlines the process for Reinforcing the KAIZEN™ Culture.

In our next post we will talk about Capability #6 Increasing Supply Chain Resilience.

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